Kubernetes: The undying army of Cloud Kingdom- Part 4

Note : This is Part 4 of Kubernetes: The undying army of Cloud Kingdom

Commanders and Wizards

Commanders of the Node

Remember the Container Runtime ? He is an elite member of the Node commanders. The leader of the commanders in the Node is the Kubelet. When it needs to control a container, Kubelet talks to the container runtime to make it happen. Also its the Kubelet that allocates resources to the Pods, like allocating food, water and supplies to the fighting soldiers. Also there needs a medium through which these commanders and the other components can communicate. That is KubeProxy, the third commander in the Node.

Wizards of the Master Nodes

There are four wizards in every master nodes that makes this magical army work. When we , software engineers want to talk with the cluster we talk to one of the wizards in the … ! — She stopped me 🤚🏽

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