Kubernetes: The undying army of Cloud Kingdom- Part 2

Note : This is Part 2 of Kubernetes: The undying army of Cloud Kingdom

Chaos in the Cloud Kingdom

“Okay.. so what what happened ?” — Subhadra asked eagerly.

When we could easily spin off applications and replicate them from their images, the software developers started to use them extensively. Many applications around that time were huge and was in a single piece.

We started to split the huge applications to smaller units and we called the huge applications Monolith and the smaller units Microservices. 😎

So the spirit of the application was split into pieces, each piece taking care of the its own job in the application, and all together they still functioned as the application. Each service could live inside a container and could have more than one copies. It was just like the powers of a dragon is split into smaller pieces. When the creature wanted to see more, it could increase the number of heads , when the creature wanted to punch someone it could increase the number of hands.

“Did it became happily ever after 😅 ?” — she asked me

😆 Well, with the micro services in the containers the the cloud kingdom became a happier place for some time. But, very soon the number of containers of applications increased to very high numbers.

It reached a point where the spells/commands couldn’t control them. Many applications started to catch fire again.

As the number of containers increased to hundreds and then to thousands they became very very hard to control and the cloud kingdom became a sad place.

Then a few software engineers at Google… Subhadra stopped me there.

“Which Google ? the Okay google ?” She asked

Yes.. that google. Thats the only google we know 😆 , I laughed.

So a few software engineers at Google decided to give birth to a new force that would bring order to this chaos.

Part 3 — A new force awakens in Cloud Kingdom