It is a very old saying that, all the answers that you seek, lie within you. To seek it, you have to ask your deep inner self, over and over till you reach that central point, from where you unwind all your answers and achieve wisdom. The answers that we are looking for are seldom too far, rather they are too near to us than we can never imagine. In my life, at several phases, I have been astonished by this fact. …

Note : This is Part 4 of Kubernetes: The undying army of Cloud Kingdom

Commanders and Wizards

“I need to take this call, its from work”- I grabbed my ringing phone. When I returned she was not very happy.

“You always do this” — She is so upset now 😡

Darling, it was from work, you know what? some bad forces tried to take down our pods today. 👹

“And ?”

With the help of our cluster we were able to fight it back, but it took down some of our pods down. They were re-spawned and the application survived😅

“Who are these…

Note : This is Part 3 of Kubernetes: The undying army of Cloud Kingdom

A new force awakens in Cloud Kingdom

The software crafters at Google created an army of powerful magical entities to bring order to cloud kingdom. These forces worked together in a silicon forest part, each team of the forces had one master and many minions. This team of Masters and Minions were called Clusters.

“Aww.. 😍 “ — She likes Minions 🤭

These minions were later known by the name Nodes. Each of the masters and the nodes resided in each machines of the silicon forest. …

Note : This is Part 2 of Kubernetes: The undying army of Cloud Kingdom

Chaos in the Cloud Kingdom

“Okay.. so what what happened ?” — Subhadra asked eagerly.

When we could easily spin off applications and replicate them from their images, the software developers started to use them extensively. Many applications around that time were huge and was in a single piece.

Rock sugar and Sugar crystals

We started to split the huge applications to smaller units and we called the huge applications Monolith and the smaller units Microservices. 😎

Note :I’m extremely grateful to Nana Janashia ❤️ for explaining the concepts with extreme clarity in her channel TechWorld with Nana.

Last week while I was reading the book, Kubernetes: Scheduling the Future at Cloud Scale; my 5 year old daughter Subhadra, came by and asked curiously what the book was about. I got a bit confused, then remembered a quote of Albert Einstein I’ve read - “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” I took a moment and I tried to express it as a story.

Part 1 — The Origin of Containers

Applications in the Cloud Kingdom

Among the silicon chips…

We have seen quite a lot of message interchange formats. some good, some bad and some of them very very ugly.

My life with message interchange formats started with csv, they were very simple, and easy to understand, however it was not really useful when the messages contained one to many relationships among its attributes. For better or for worse, a large number of people were using XML and soon there were XMLs all over, not only for message interexchange, but for keeping configurations as well. Even though it might seem a bit confusing the first time, once a person…

Coding has evolved a lot from the stage of ‘instructions to the computer to perform a certain task’. As the code is written once and read so many times, along with getting things done, coding is also seen as a medium to express logic in an elegant way. In the opinion of a lot of developers, the code should read like a story, a person who is reading it should understand the logic underneath when skimming through it. …

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